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17 thoughts on “Best Cannabutter Recipe

  1. this my favourite method/tutorial I’ve come across. The butter separated
    strangely for me, there was a liquid layer of gross gunk under a solid
    layer of green butter. Still I baked a cake using it, tastes pretty good
    actually even though there’s far too much cannabutter for the recipe. It’s
    gonna be strong :D

  2. Hi!
    Can I use the cannabutter to fry eggs, bacon, other things? Will the direct
    heat be bad bad for it? Thanks, great video..

    1. Hi Kristen, trim is just the sugar leafs left over after trimming cannabis.
      You don’t want the fan leaves but just the small ones that contain THC like
      the bud. I hope that helps!

    1. So you’re trying to tell us that only white people are making money in the
      legal cannabis bizz!? I hope one day you can see that certain people in
      this world are using race as a tool to divide and conquer humanity. They
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      nation! Much love and respect, break free from your programming so you can
      see the infinite potential in each one of us regardless of what color we
      are, peace!

    2. +Lischelle Jones You made it racist when you implied that white people are
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      simply pointing out that white people are subject to the same laws as
      blacks and that the reason black people are jailed for it is because its
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    3. +Lischelle Jones Lots of black people are in jail for weed. They aren’t in
      jail because they are black, they are in jail because they got caught with
      an illegal substance.
      Your comment made it sound like weed is legal for white people and illegal
      for blacks. I’m just pointing out the flaws in your racist comment.

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