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9 thoughts on “Bud R’ Tarts – From Watermelon’s Kitchen

  1. I just discovered your channel and you are my new reason to move to Canada!
    ^_^ Thank you for sharing your amazing skill in cooking with the rest of
    the world! :P

    1. +Water Melon I can live with that because you would be so lovable
      anywhere..and your mom is also a dandy gal..cheers

  2. This again looks quite yummy..!! I Love cooking programs and People who
    cook, especially when they are really passionate about it (one can tell..),
    they make you want not only to see more, but also to be there, eat their
    good food, sweets and salties too.. Lucky he, who at your table, sample of
    everything without worry for a second serving, for he is seated by the most
    generous host ! Yet which channel vehiculate the invite ..i wonder ? Merci

  3. it was kind of hard to listen to your voice 🙁 I looove your former kitchen
    better. But its always a pleasure to watch you cook.

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