Cannabis Butter Sweet Potato Biscuits Cooking with Marijuana #106

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Savory Cannabis Butter Sweet Potato Biscuits are delicious with dinner, for breakfast or even dessert served warm with honey butter for an exquisite marijuana treat.

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14 thoughts on “Cannabis Butter Sweet Potato Biscuits Cooking with Marijuana #106

  1. Great video where do you buy your cannabis butter i live in Jersey i want
    to try this to make this dish once again live your video

  2. Where do you get the butter from or do you make it yourself ? I want to
    stop smoking but still need my herb in my life. I grind it and have it i.
    Soups but this ganja butter looks good. Im in the UK. Great Recepi by way .

    1. cool yeah ive seen video on how to make your own i will give it a go . and
      i will try your sweet potatoe recepi . thanks x

    2. Hi Sedonia. I both buy and also make my own sometimes if I can get a good
      deal on some shake or trim. Here is my instructional video on making the
      butter, it’s eaqsy but can be a little smelly if you need to be discreet. How
      To Make Cannabis Butter Cooking With Marijuana #101 Cannabutter Edibles Base

  3. Great work, thank you.
    May I suggest something?
    A list of ingredients in the description next time would be really helpful.

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