Cannabis Coconut Oil & Magical Miracle Fudge (Vegan): Cooking with Marijuana #27

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Cannabis is infused into coconut oil and then used to make Magical Miracle Fudge in this deliciously simple Vegan recipe on Cooking with Marijuana.

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The fudge recipe is an adaptation of Chef John’s Miracle Fudge from

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7 thoughts on “Cannabis Coconut Oil & Magical Miracle Fudge (Vegan): Cooking with Marijuana #27

  1. i note that you give differing times for the decarbing process. Is this
    recipe specific? Or why the differences?

  2. i appreciate the video, grea job… i only have one question, making the
    cannabutter with the coconut oil does only take 20 minutes ?
    i ask this because with regular salted butter i saw a lot of videos where
    they recommend 5-6 hours , that is a lot to me, i only did 2 hours, so i
    was kind of impressed it only took 20 minutes on this video
    thanx in advance

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