Cannaburgers (Cannabis & Hamburgers)

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Cannaburgers are Hamburgers made with Cannabis and they are a delicious new spin on a summertime classic! Spice up your backyard burger and set the flavor on ‘High’ with Watermelon’s fun recipe in this video.

You’ll need some not-so-lean ground meat for this medicinal marijuana burger… find out why and how many grams of finely ground pot you’ll want to consider having in your serving. Also of note is the addition of olive oil and then some other fun little ingredients to spice it up!

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9 thoughts on “Cannaburgers (Cannabis & Hamburgers)

  1. does this actually get you fucked up or would I have to put more weed in
    because I have a pretty good tolerance. I like to smoke like 1.5 to 2 gs at
    a time

  2. Is it just me, or does this woman remind anyone of Donna (spell check, not
    sure) from That 70’s Show?
    Anyways, I’m dying to try this recipe :)

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