Cooking With Weed – How To Make Cannabis Cooking Oil – Part 1

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Marijuana infused cooking oil is easy to make and is low in saturated fats, making it excellent for the health conscious. Marijuana cooking oil can turn your favorite meals or snacks into a potent marijuana medicine. This is the first of a 3 videos that shows you how to make your very own cannabis cooking oil.

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9 thoughts on “Cooking With Weed – How To Make Cannabis Cooking Oil – Part 1

  1. canola oil is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will kill the cannabis
    and will not let anything good come out of it

    1. just visited and no offense but Colorado weed is dry af I had a sore throat
      for weeks glad I’m back in cali

  2. wow…i’m totally making a how to video on this now because of this guy. To
    be honest, I just watched literally every top youtube video on how to do
    this and every single one got at least two different things wrong. This one
    is the worst. The problem is, it’s easy to get somewhat high doing any of
    these methods. But why not use the best techniques? Especially since they
    work a lot faster and are more potent than what this guy and many of the
    other videos are doing. A field of newbies for sure. People are afraid of
    this market getting over-saturated…well just be one of the few that
    actually knows what they’re doing and you’ll be more than fine.

    1. I wanna make the best possible brownies with a large amount of weed can you
      link me to a guide that gets it all right ?

  3. a week!!!!! u have to pre bake the pot to release thc,..chop..put into
    lightly simmering cooking oil..cook for at least an hour..strain with
    cheesecloth.follow directions on box to bake.adding the oil

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