Funny Honey and Cannabis Infused Agave Nectar: Infused Eats #25

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This recipe for Funny Honey and/or Cannabis Infused Agave Nectar is simple as far as ingredients go but takes a few hours. You will need Cannabis flowers or shake, Soy Lecithin powder, and Honey (Agave Nectar for a Vegan version.) For the complete written recipe with exact quantities in an interactive cookbook of cannabis infused recipes, then please check out Infused Eats.


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7 thoughts on “Funny Honey and Cannabis Infused Agave Nectar: Infused Eats #25

  1. That became awesome. Thank you for the recipe.
    I don’t like smoking and this is a great alternative. The way that it gets
    you is completely different too. Is slower and longer.
    I did it with butter and w/o lecithin, because I didn’t have any, but it’s
    fine they blended together really well.

  2. You need to get the heat up to 310F for 20 minutes for the first step, or
    you are not decarboxylating
    the cannabis efficiently. Dr Paul Hornby has the data to prove that on
    other Youtube vids.

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