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Growing Autoflower Cannabis Plants

CLtv Smoke Sesh #3

Growing your own Cannabis is AWESOME.

Just don’t expect to throw a seed in some soil and magically get some dank herb overnight. 

There IS a way that you can speed up the process though…GROW AUTOFLOWERING CANNABIS PLANTS!

If you’re not familiar with autoflower strains, they’re one of the three Cannabis species called Ruderalis.

This type of Cannabis plant will flower under almost any type of lighting and don’t require the normal flowering light cycle of 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness.

Some of these genetics can finish in as little as 60 days from germination to harvest!

So if you’re lacking real estate in your Medical Marijuana grow, you’re limited on lights, or you just want a quicker harvest, Autoflowering Cannabis plants might be an option you want to look into ASAP.

Roll or pack one up and join us as we discuss Autoflowers in our recent smoke sesh!

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6 thoughts on “Growing Autoflowers [Smoke Sesh] – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. That’s the second time I’ve heard “auto flower” this week. What is it? It sounds like a low maintenance way of growing. Perfect for me since I could easily kill a cactus or other low maintenance plant. Lol

    1. +BlackAdam52 Lol yeah, sounds like you need low maintenance genetics. Did you watch the whole video? We went over what they are, and there’s a more in-depth explanation in the video description

  2. Dope video, I fuck with smoke session videos. I don’t really like to play music all the time. This shits like podcasting but just smoking n talkin. Also im glad yall talked about growing. Its something im interested in.

    I’m in Germany for a month until I fly back, so I haven’t been smoking. But I’m visiting Amsterdam so I plan to get blasted and eat some edibles and experienced it since its legal there too. I can’t wait to see how it compares to Cali/USA bud.

    1. +MugenFuu thanks for the feedback dude, we appreciate you watching. We have a lot more growing related content on the way.

      Enjoy your trip, sounds awesome!

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