How to Flower Cannabis Plants (Tips For Flowering)

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In this video, Rob & Trey break down the entire flowering cycle and share tips to ensure your harvest will turn out great.

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After vegging your plants, it’s time for the flowering cycle. Flowering Cannabis plants is what most people look forward to when growing their own herb, but not having the proper knowledge and taking the right steps could result in a stressful experience.

We discuss:

+ Tips for starting the Cannabis flowering cycle
+ Plant growth in the flowering cycle
+ Flower room temperature and humidity
+ The stages of Cannabis flowering
and more!

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Room Temp & Humidity:
Harvesting, Drying, & Curing:

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16 thoughts on “How to Flower Cannabis Plants (Tips For Flowering)

    1. Cannabis Lifestyle TV I am very much a self taught new grower. Do you guys have an email i can maybe shoot a few questions off in bullets that maybe can help me?

  1. Someone help! My outdoor plant is getting really big and I’ve been growing it for a really long time and idk what to do to make it grow weed????????

    1. You plant will be done Oct Nov gotta be patient fam i have the same problem with my gorilla cake it vegging like a monster

    2. Sounds like you found a thriver in your area. Embrace it’s godlizaness 🤣 we’re in the longer summer days still the light cycle isn’t right for it to flower yet. Unless you manipulate it to do so.

    3. Nature will do it unless you can do some light deprivation (give the plant darkness for around 12 hours).
      The light cycle will change as the season changes, August is usually when flowering happens

  2. just curious why do you switch the light to 12/12??? did you know outside on 21st of DECEMBER the worlds shortest day! the light cycle is 12/12, I’m pretty sure the plants are long finished by december the 21st. winter isn’t coming it’s already here!

    1. @Cannabis Lifestyle TV that is wrong but really you’re only taught 12/12, in the uk on DECEMBER 21st the worlds SHORTEST day(12/12 outside light dark cycle) any plant outside will be DEAD, outside in the uk a plant is finished and ready to harvest 21sept(15/9)-7th October(14.5/9.5) THAT IS WHEN THE PLANT IS FINISHED! if a plant takes 2months to flower LETS GO BACK 2 MONTHS, 21st JULY (17LIGHT/7DARK) is when a weed plant DOES START FLOWERING, even if it added an extra 2weeks till haverst time, would it be worth it if it DOUBLED/TRIPLED your YIELD? I’ve already done the maths if you want me to post it here you can have it/ spread it

  3. I took a chocolate weed seed put it in some dirt and put it in my window my plan is like 5 ft tall now but will it grow Any buds on it

  4. Once you reduce the light time and induce flowering, can you increase the time or does it make any difference? Basically, I was wondering if you can enclose green house grows to induce flowering and then return them to the regular long light open grow after flowering has started.

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