How to make Cannabutter Part 2 (Slow Cook Method) – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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Cannabutter can be made using multiple methods, some can take an hour, others need 12+ . Today Trey shows us an easy way to get that green goodness using the “Slow Cook” method. *We make edibles stronger due to our higher tolerance. Our recipes aren’t for the casual consumer.*

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Instrumental by Mr. Kooman –

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14 thoughts on “How to make Cannabutter Part 2 (Slow Cook Method) – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Tip: pour some boiling water over weed once you stained it to wash off the
    butter, than squeeze it out. heaps less wasted butter..

    1. +Keahi Akina aloha bruddah in sure it could be infused in the same method.
      Low and slow for sure. Dakine idea though I will definitely look into it.
      Thanks for watching!

  2. what type of medicine are you using? I’m guessing regular Korn or Reggie
    won’t have the same potency as her grade medicine?

    1. +Daniel Casiano exactly. Better quality Cannabis (we used high quality
      trim) will get you a better final product

  3. Hey man. How much butter would you suggest me to use with a quarter ounce?
    and how much many brownies do you think I’d get?

    1. +Grady Dobbs use a quarter of the amount that you would use with this
      recipe. As long as the ratio is the same, you’ll get the same results. The
      amount of butter that the brownie recipe calls for is going to be how much
      you need to make. I wouldn’t suggest eyeballing a packaged mix of brownies.
      Thanks for watching! ✌

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