How To Make Medical Marijuana Tonic & Tincture (Alcohol Infused w/Cannabis):THE GREEN MONSTER RECIPE

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If you suffer from chronic debilitating pain, medical marijuana may be YOUR ticket back to better health and happiness! This recipe shows you how to make the old-fashioned (Medical) Marijuana “Healthful Tonic and Tincture” that was originally sold back in the good old days before prohibition, (and for CENTURIES before that even), to provide relief from deep muscular pain and uncontrollable spasms. This is an amazingly medicinal application, make no mistake about it…

Within 15 minutes of ingestion 1-2 Tablespoons will alleviate even your WORST pain for up to 8 hours! This simple yet effective recipe is dedicated (with heartfelt LOVE) to ALL my fellow sick, injured and dying medical patients who are desperately searching for a BETTER WAY to take back their quality of life and find a solid measure of happiness, once again. Please enjoy! And please let me know if this information has helped you 🙂

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Medical Marijuana Tonic & Tincture (Alcohol Infused w/Cannabis):THE GREEN MONSTER RECIPE

  1. Nice I like the idea of doing the tincture this way to use in margaritas
    and such later maybe new years, but I was wondering how much herb did you
    start out with? im assuming atleast a quarter ounce or so would do the
    trick for this recipe, thanks for a new thing for me to try out.

  2. Sadly I live in a place that its not a good idea to cook the stuff, can’t
    you just put it in cheese cloth and let it sit in some rum for days?
    Wouldn’t it absorb some of the thc? I am new to this, so keep this in mind,
    I have no idea on how this stuff works.

    1. +Crashbanksbuysilver have heard of people using Bacardi 151 in place of
      everclear, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, thc extracts out in things
      such as Butter (better if you clarify it by skimming the top layer of scum
      off), milk (personal favorite so far) or oil like cooking oil, its just one
      of those things that takes experimenting with to learn about it, but
      youtube is a great resource I recommend watching videos from guys like Chef
      B ( Derek butt ) I learned a lot of stuff from him starting out on edibles
      I also have a few good channels on my feed If you like to check it out for
      ideas. also learn about a thing called decarboxylation its said that baking
      herb at certain temps changes the thc-a to straight thc and improves the
      effects, im by no means a expert or scientist, but I have been usng edibes
      for awhile now, but have fun and be careful experimenting it can get pretty
      intense, start on small doses don’t want to get freaked out on your first

    1. +nervousnotebooks I assure you the methods I teach are completely valid and
      the information I give you is accurate. Please note that a full (and
      complete) decarboxylation in alcohol is most readily apparent when making a
      Rick Simpson oil, which never reaches anywhere near 240 degrees. There are
      also terpenes and flavinoids to consider which is what gives a FECO (full
      extract cannabis oil) superior medicinal power. I look forward to vlogging
      very soon so I hope you’ll subscribe so I can teach you what I know in
      full. And best of luck, friend.

    2. +MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane If it takes 240° F to decarboxylate cannabis how is
      that going to occur in alcohol; something that has a boiling point of
      173°F. As for essential oils, the closest thing your at risk of destroying
      is caryophylenn, and even that has a boiling point of 246°F. For you to use
      a lower temperature and extended time to decarboxylate would only evaporate
      alcohol.Not decarbing at all may be good for an old lady or cancer patient,
      but not generally desired even for non recreational pain releif.

    3. +nervousnotebooks Decarboxylating your plant matter in the cooking solvent
      works just as
      well, if not better than heating it (dry) in an oven or whatever. Medical
      grade extracts should capture precious chemical compounds, not cook them
      off as a first “easy” step. (Lol) Time and temperature is exactly what
      modulates the final cannabinoid profile (along with the terpenes and
      flavinoids) and this is what decarboxylating is all about!

    4. +John Carney Well sir, it turns out you are the only idiot here as the
      plant matter becomes fully decarboxylated in the solvent which ends up
      being much more healthful. You need to do some scientific research before
      insulting those who are here to help for all the RIGHT reasons. Always
      surprises me how rude some people are… You should ask about what you do
      not understand instead of insulting folks. Please. The world needs nicer

  3. Great work Mona, I like your video. I really think these old school style
    tinctures are the way to go for a lot of MMP patients – especially when it
    comes to inflammation. God knows it helps with my ulcerative colitis.
    Stay up :)

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