How to make VERY POTENT Cannabutter – The Medible Minute – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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Chef Trey shows us one method for making some really potent Cannabutter in this episode of The Medible Minute on Cannabis Lifestyle TV!

For this Cannabis Butter recipe we used 1lb of Butter to 2oz of Cannabis, to ensure that even the heaviest marijuana users would feel the effect from this Cannabutter. With that said, we highly suggest that you know your limit before trying Cannabutter this potent in a recipe of your own.

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15 thoughts on “How to make VERY POTENT Cannabutter – The Medible Minute – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. So If I Were Only Using 1 Oz I’d Only Have To Use Half A Lb. Of Butter ? &
    Would The Cooking Time Shorten ?

    1. +nathaniel ruiz yes, 1/2 lb is correct. You can cook it on low heat
      anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, but keep an eye on your mix so it doesn’t

  2. I had some 1 ounce of Kush, 1 ounce of Purple Haze for one lb of butter.
    The butter was crazy strong. I couldn’t tolerate it. Just too high for my
    liking. I am making it again but instead of two ounces of premium pot I am
    just going to add 1 1/2 ounces to a lb of butter. I am sure it will a lot
    more tolerable. I can’t smoke this stuff, it effects totally different.
    Edibles are good!

    1. +licks n kicks different strokes for different folks. Glad to hear you’re
      figuring it out, thanks for the feedback!

    1. +Yuri Souza from our experience, decarboxylation has only been needed on
      recipes that don’t require heat. We haven’t noticed any major increase in
      potency so we skipped the process for this method for making Cannabutter

  3. “Most tutorials don’t have a herb to butter ratio” ya sure but they do tell
    you how long you’re supposed to cook it for ya fuck

    1. +Unknown Tyrant trial and error is the best way to find what works best,
      but not everyone has the extra product to work with. Use about 1/8th of the
      amount of butter we used in this method if you’re using 7g’s of bud

    2. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV yeah sweet as because I’ve asked a lot of people and
      been on a few sites and no one could give me a straight answer would you
      know how much butter you would use for a smaller batch ? or just trial and

    3. +Unknown Tyrant thanks dude. If you’re looking to make a small batch for a
      recipe, that would work fine. Just keep the same ratio of Cannabis to butter

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