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Are you a cannabis enthusiast or cannabis entrepreneur? Cannabis Legendz is releasing the largest CANNABIS STRAINS App for Android that will be a super useful tool for all laboratories, gardeners, producers, cannabis dispensaries and cannabis education and cannabis research! There is 1,000’s of cannabis strains from all over the world submitted to us, and users can post new strains right from the app itself!
We do not have any future development for APPLE IOS users, so to use our app you will have to buy an android device, android tablet or otherwise to use our massive strain database.
ALL strains will include photos or videos (if available) of the particular strain, as well as detailed information such as the genetics of the strain, whatever genealogy records are available for the strain, strain profiles including genealogy reports, thc levels, grow cycles and flowering times and more.. this is an INVALUABLE resource and tool for any cannabis gardener, especially medical cannabis patients that grow their own medicine.

We plan to release our huge LIVE Cannabis Strain Database app in the month of July 2018 at Google Play, and its FREE so be sure to download it and join in on the cannabis community of strain hunters, dispensaries and professionals sharing strains of cannabis from all over the globe. There is no other mobile resource as large as our database, and it keeps growing with the help of our users submitting new strains and breeders sharing their work with everyone through our app.

Thanks for everyones support and we will post the release date here in this channel and let everyone know when its available, it is in the final stages of development and almost ready to go!

We are excited, we hope you are too.

*** In the meantime, while you are waiting..

Checkout our other cool and interesting CANNABIS APPS that are free on Google Playstore:

CL Medicinal Cannabis Cookbook (Medical and Recreational Cannabis Recipes) Loaded with LIVE recipes, always fresh content, and users can submit and share their personal recipes and ideas with us through the app for everyone to cook up. This is a popular app, and we hope everyone will enjoy it. Its professional, clean, fast and full of tasty treats including cannabutter recipes, weed cookies, pot brownies, gummy bears and so much more including dinners, drinks and appetizers too plus MORE. Check it out, its free:

Are you a grower? If so, you should checkout GROWNOTEZ from Cannabis Legendz, its a very professional garden tool thats extremely useful for medical cannabis patients growing their own medicine, Producers, greenhouses and more. Any gardener growing ANY types of plants will find this app very valuable. You will be able to save, track, log etc all your plants stages of growth, take time/dated/commented photos, videos and more.. you have the option to ENCRYPT your data & photos, plus graphically chart your stages to detect possible problems, and also to have record of your growth. Its free, and its FULL of features. Get it now:

Our latest Cannabis Strain Database app will be available in the month of JULY 2018, our focus is to collect and standardize cannabis strain information about thousands of cannabis varieties from around the world. We will be offering an interface for cannabis breeders, seedbanks, cultivation and hemp-forums, communities, medical cannabis growers and cannabis-enthusiasts all around the world. With the help of our mobile growers around the globe, we are able to collect all important information about individual strains in a compact, mobile and searchable way. You will also find tips and tricks for cultivation and growth and also find pictures, profiles and opinions on a variety of cannabis strains!

We find it extremely useful… so will you.

Cannabis Legendz Development Team



(all growers from dirt to hydroponics can use our apps)


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