Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe

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A green drink for 420 and beyond, the Liquid Marijuana cocktail combines rum, Midori, pineapple juice, blue curacao, and coconut rum. This is a light tasting cocktail, a bit on the tropical side, but put away a few of these and you’ll be feeling good. After watching our Liquid Marijuana recipe, consider subscribing to our channel. We post new kick-ass drink recipes videos several times per week.

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Happy Drinking~!
Photography for this video by: Lillyana Resler

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9 thoughts on “Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe

  1. Oh my bad, I didn’t know that was the actual name in the bar scene!
    Drinking isn’t all that bad don’t worry, but cannabis is definitely a
    better overall substance in the long term in my opinion.

  2. In every bar, that’s the name of the drink, bro. Is drinking really all
    that bad? Or weed is the only thing that’s good enough?

  3. Cmon… Call that drink the green something or I don’t know… why do you
    have to include marijuana in there? Now I find this unrelated video in my
    related cannabis videos 🙁

  4. There are channels on YouTube for the puff-puff-pass…this isn’t one of
    them, however, this is a channel for the pour-drink-pour.

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