Royal Gold Soil Mixes Breakdown

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In this video, we break down all 5 coco blends from Royal Gold Coco and share our experience growing Cannabis with various coco mixes.

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19 thoughts on “Royal Gold Soil Mixes Breakdown

  1. Quick question I’ve actually spoken with loooong time growers that keep flower tent humidity between 60%-65% with good airflow all the way to harvest with no pest or mold problems they all said just keep up on plants every day. Now I got forced to move my tent from basement to outside work tent not insulated at all not gonna get into why I had to move tent. There’s 7 plants in a 5×5 all in flower 4 week 1 3 are about 2 1/2 weeks and budding my rh is 60% and temp is 73-75 all the time what can I do to get humidity down I have a Hisense 30 pint dehumidifier and a Hisense 300 sq ft portable ac on outside ducting it into lower part of tent. I have a 2000 watt LED and 6 inch AC Infinity Exhaust fan and a 6 inch iPower intake AC Infinity being waaaay stronger sides suck in a lil not to much but it’s been raining like a mofo and I need to get humidity in check. I’m being told not a big deal since I’m always checking and observing my ladies a lot ow and a 16 inch oscillating fan in upper corner blowing across top of canopy and 2 6 inch fans underneath canopy above a space heater set at 73 on controller to keep root area nice and comfortable plants look really good and all leaves are slightly dancing so airflow is good ow and I have an Exhale CO2 bag need help pleeeeease….lol

    1. A larger exhaust could help for sure, I use 6 inch but larger would just open up the area more which should result it less suction in tent

    2. Actually come to think of it I do have a speed controller on intake that sucks air from outside the tent and the AC Infinity is awesome that it adjust the power according to temp n humidity settings awesome fan maybe I need an 8 inch exhaust that’s what I was also thinking and I mean sucks air ofrom outside the tent I mean the tent I have my 5×5 in. My friend said long as you stay on top of your plants and no moisture is building up on leaves and good air movement he said 60% is fine

    3. Thanks for the details, most people are so vague with things that I can’t even effectively help.

      I would suggest a controller for the intake fan so you can lower the power to where you need it. My tent had the same issue without one and it caused some openings around the cheap ass zippers.

      I have 4 clip fans in my tent with 2 inline fans that I use for intake and outtake, both use air speed controllers and its working great for me. I’m usually closer to 50% on average

  2. Awesome stuff I’m using Royal Gold Kong’s Mix here in NY now and the ladies love it🤘🏻👍👌🔥😀

  3. Nice in detail video not just some upsell bullshit ill definetly be changing from fox farm which is decent not bad but i wanna transition to that basment mix because it includes perlite and lava rock which ive seen does way way better than fox farm outdoors ive seen 5-10 feet half pound monsters

    1. Thanks homie! Its definitely one if the best lines in the game, we were very impressed needless to say

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